Understanding German business culture -
verantwortlich: Anja Robert

Training Session in English

Many problems that may arise during an internship or career entry can be avoided if you are familiar with different cultural standards. This workshop aims to facilitate the access to the German job market for international students by giving an insight into German work values. Together with the International Office, the Career Center offers this half-day intercultural training in English for international students.

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Date:  10 July 2019, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Presenters: Julia Anton M.A.  (Career Center RWTH Aachen University)  Dominika Dudzik  (International Office)
Registration:  required, max. 12 participants
Venue:  Humboldthaus, Pontstr. 41, Ground floor
Fee:  5 €

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1077Training Session in EnglishMi10:00-14:00Humboldt-Haus10.07.Julia Anton, Dominika Dudzik
5/ --/ --/ 5 €
für Tarif Stud.-RWTH

für Tarif Stud.-International Academy