Starting your career in Germany
verantwortlich: Anja Robert

Training Session in English

A good application is essential for starting your career in Germany. But what makes an application successful? What are your skills and core competencies which are interesting for German employers? How can you present yourself to achieve your aim? In this seminar you will learn how to prepare application documents that meet German standards. In addition, role plays and case studies provide guidelines about what to keep in mind when working in Germany. You will also have a job interview training.

Please bring your current CV and letter of motivation to the seminar.
Date: 16.10.2019, 10.00 –16.00
Presenter: Monika Thompson
Julia Anton M.A.
(Career Center RWTH)
Registration: required, max. 10 participants
Venue: SuperC, room 5.30
Fee: 10 €


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1006Training Session in EnglishMi10:00-16:00SuperC - Raum 5.3016.10.Monika Thompson, Julia Anton
10/ --/ --/ 10 €
10 EUR
für Tarif Stud.-RWTH

10 EUR
für Tarif Stud.-International Academy